"It is about finding what works for us, true substance.  It is the part that cannot be taken away after the experience.  That which lives within you! " S.P



Lines Through Light is a 153 page, hard cover, full colour publication that reveals the contemporary work and thinking of a master craftsman at the peak of his artistry. As an Observer interpreter and equilibrist, Stephen's writings and artworks deepen our awareness of the intricate order in nature and our wonder in the living world. Celebrating the ideas Stephen Procter worked with: light, balance, rhythm, colour, and line.  The book brings together a selection of the artist's most innovative and groundbreaking glass sculptures, a range of work in other media and his philosophical writings.

Lines Through Light is a definitive publication providing ongoing reference and creative influence to artists, students and the public and includes an introductory essay  by glass specialist Dan Klein.

 For a preview of this publication, an extract of nine pages is available here as a Portable Document Format.